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From 1st April 2015 Douglas Borough Council is introducing a new procurement method based on electronic communication through the Council’s website’

This e-form should be completed for any Supplier that would like to be included on the Douglas Borough Council Approved Supplier List.

All Suppliers on the Approved Supplier List will be sent notification of contracts that are available and be given the opportunity to apply for these contracts on-line. The Applicant will be given the opportunity to narrow the contract notifications depending on Contract types i.e. Joinery, Plumbing etc.

Please note the following:-
  • All required details must be input and any required documentation uploaded before form submission can be made. In summary you will be required to provide the following:-
    • General Company / Sole Trader information
    • Insurance and health and safety related documents (Scanned copies of documentation will be accepted)
    • Acceptance of declarations
    • An administration fee of £66.67 plus VAT (Total: £80.004) must be paid on-line before the submission can be accepted. Payments can be made by Credit Card.
  • On confirmation of acceptance onto the Approved Supplier List, from the 1st April 2015 emails will be sent to the specified email address detailing any available contracts for the contract categories that have been selected. All available contracts will be listed on the Douglas Borough Council website and Social Media channels, however only those Suppliers on the Approved Supplier List will be given the opportunity to apply.
  • Only building related contract categories are available at this time. The categories will be expanded in the near future and notifications sent informing of this. Notifications of new Categories will also be published on the Councils Website and Social Media Channels.
  • All Suppliers who have been accepted will be required to re-apply to be on the list every 3 years. A reminder will be sent prior to the 3 year anniversary date.
  • On expiry of submitted documents an email reminder will be sent requesting the submission of updated documentation. Failure to provide updated documentation may result in the Applicant being removed from the Approved Supplier List.
  • An acknowledgement of submission email will be sent to the applicant’s registered email address. Successful acceptance to the Approved Supplier List will be confirmed by email prior to the 1st April 2015.
  • Application to the Approved Supplier List can be made through this form at any time. Renewal and cease dates will be calculated from the approved date of acceptance to the Authorised Supplier List.
Conditions for inclusion require that all applicants:
  • Agree to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and all amendments and additions to the Act.
  • Agree to maintain Public Liability Insurances to the minimum value of £1M and Employers Liability Insurances, where applicable.
  • Agree that only Isle Of Man Craft Certified tradesmen will be employed and that only sub-contractors on the list of approved contractors will be used for all works resulting from inclusion on this Authorised Supplier list.
  • Agree to guarantee all work carried out, also that all work will be of an acceptable standard.
  • Agree to maintain all insurances, permits, benefits payments, certification of tradesmen requirements for the duration of the approval and will provide evidence of same when called upon to do so from time to time, and understand that non-compliance with these conditions may result in removal from the list.
  • Should note that failure to submit all appropriate returns, or keep up to date with payments to Douglas Borough Council or payments to the Isle of Man Treasury such as Rates, Income Tax, company tax, national insurance contributions, vat or any indebtedness to the Isle of Man Government may result in removal from the list.
  • Are advised that it will be necessary to comply with all Manx Legislation, including control of employment, certification of craftsmen and the recommendations of the administration of Government construction contracts including any issued revisions or amendments.
  • Acknowledge that the confidentiality of information gathered as part of the application process is recognised. Douglas Borough Council will use data provided, together with other information that we may obtain from or about the applicant for carrying out checks in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2002 for the purposes of administration, assessment and analysis to assess the applicant’s suitability for inclusion on the select list of contractors.
If you encounter any problems, or need assistance in completing this form, please call 696370 or email
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